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Our Principle Mission is to seek and promote the general welfare of all Liberians with an overriding focus on the promotion of Liberian and African cultures. Our main objectives are:

Empower the Liberian community by ensuring access to services and various programs Assist Liberians adjusting to life in the United States.

Assist Liberians become self sustaining both in the United States and at home(Liberia).

Facilitate the professional and leadership development of Liberians, as well as emphasize the richness of the

diversity of Liberian cultures.


The United Liberian Association of Bucks (ULAB), was founded in 1994 by a group of Liberian women as a support group for Liberians living in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania, during the heat of the civil war taking place in Liberia.

In 1998, ULAB expanded beyond just a support group due to the increased of Liberian immigrants and resettlement of Liberian refugees in Bucks County.

In 1999, ULAB registered with the State of Pennsylvania's Department of State as a nonprofit, nonpolitical, charitable, voluntary community based organization with the goals of meeting the social, economic, and educational needs of more than 3,000 Liberians residents in Bucks County.


ULAB continues to maintain a strong community presence and works with the Union of Liberians in the Americas (ULAA), the Catholic Social Services, Bucks County NAACP, State and Local governments, Bucks County School Districts, businesses, and other community based organizations.

The association works in collaboration with these organizations and agencies to inform them of needs of Liberians and the talent and resources it has to offer.


ULAB prides itself in its leadership and committed members. The leadership of ULAB is characterized by wealth of professional background. The leadership of ULAB is known for the following:


The authority to lead and ability to make decisions relative to the programs.


Clear decision making process and lines of responsibilities.




ULAB's leadership is vested in the President, his officers, and the Board of Directors. The leadership of ULAB works to ensure the successful implementation of the goals and mission of the organization.


ULAB's constitution provides that the president manages the affairs of the association and the Board of Directors oversee the entire operations of the association.


ULAB's constitution provides for the following administrative structure:


Vice President

Secretary General




Special Advisors

In addition, the constitution provides for standing committees to make sure that the organization's mission, goals, and objectives are fully implemented. These committees include:








Senior Committee

State & Local Government Committee

Benevolence Committee

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