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In order to establish and maintain a working relationship between the Association and both state and local governments, ULAB constituted the State and Local Government Relations Committee. Below are listed some of the key functions of the State and Local governments Relation Committee: 

  • The Committee will engage state and local government officials on a host of issues, including economic, social, among others, that will benefit the Liberian community in Bucks County.

  • The committee will conduct non-partisan voter education programs, including public voter’s education, voter’s registration; get out to vote drives, and other activities to encourage people to participate in the electoral process.

  • The committee will advocate and promote the securing of a Liberian Community Center that will host different community events, programs and activities. 

  • The committee will advocate for community members who are confronted with immigration and other legal issues by exploring pro bono attorneys and/or attorneys at reduced fees, as well as provide information and referrals; and conduct immigration and other workshops for the Liberian community.

  • Through research, referrals and workshops, the SLGRC will work with other committees to explore educational opportunities, including scholarships for conventional or vocational education for interested students and adults; and provide employment information to those who may be seeking jobs.

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